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Our Services

Wordpress in Winnipeg


There are many possibilities for your business web design. We work with you to meet your business strategy with this in mind.

  • Web Design
  • Application Development
  • Mobile Friendly
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web hosting in Winnipeg


SWD has solutions for your hosting needs. Choices include shared hosting as well as VPS.

  • Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Domains and more
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Wordpress in Winnipeg


We are WordPress website? specialists. We can build, update, fix or optimize your WordPress website.

  • Custom Themes
  • SEO Services
  • Optimization
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Our Story


In a competitive market it’s important to realize how your website and business marketing truly makes all the difference in the world. We believe presence is beyond just being there. Your presence, whether web design, or web hosting, should help you be a cut above the rest. Possibilities are endless and for this reason SWD is committed to providing your competitive edge.


We are a one call, gets all for companies searching for cost effective custom solutions tailored to meet their needs. Therefore, whether you require an online presence in the form of web design, web hosting, virtual private servers, or a combination of solutions, think of the company who understands your online presence is more than just being there.

A Winnipeg Web Design Company

Since our start we’ve spent time developing our secret sauce. First, one part tenacity, then two parts humour, as well as excellent service, and a dash of late nights. As a result, it’s as effective today as it was in 1999. Our mission is to use that secret sauce to help achieve your goals. We provide clients with proven solutions designed to improve, enhance and/or streamline operations through the use of design, web, and related technologies and serve a diversified global clientele who appreciate professional results and strong customer service.

We are a Winnipeg web design company and so much more. Continually looking for ways to improve, our intention is to provide you with the right solution for your business. Therefore, we invite you to laugh with us, share your frustrations, and imagine your possibilities. We did.

Our Work

  • Micol Construction Ltd. Custom Responsive WordPress Website.

  • Community Legal Education Association Custom Responsive WordPress Website.

  • Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters Inc. Responsive Design & Build Website.

  • Our responsive web design work

    East India Company Responsive Design & Build Website.

  • Our responsive web development work

    CBBC Responsive Design & Build Website.

  • Our responsive web design work

    Lord Roberts Children’s Programs Responsive Design & Build Website.

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